10 Minutes Per Month

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Autographs ondemand, 10 minutes per month...

The 10 Minute Monthly Challenge with VIP Service

We are offering a 10 minute monthly challenge, which simply asks players to sign mobile autograph requests during the course of a 10 minute window per month. We will keep players (and/or their representatives) abreast of autograph requests which can be seen on the lettrs app at the players’ convenience. Players can then sign their autographs during a convenient 10 minute window per month and receive monthly payments of autographed sales automatically from us.  Players still have the option to accelerate their autograph sales by sharing the autograph opportunity on their other social networks and/or posting an open letter to their fans.  

We are also offering a complementary VIP service that assigns one person from our staff to help grow and curate a player profile on the lettrs network. This is included in our program which grants 75% of all autograph sales to players and their representatives.

90 seconds start - the player simply registers on the lettrs app with their Twitter handle, inputs the price and limit of their first autograph series and tweets it.  We take care of the rest.

We now have the official window to give up to 20 players the warrant guarantee to convert first campaign sales into equity on a cashless exercise as well.

Players autograph on stock lettrs images, or their own selfies.  Soon fans will submit their own picture to be signed.

10 minutes per month!  That’s it.   Download your digital autographs agent now.

Offer to activate the warrant guarantee expires March 15th, 2017.