Activate your official autographs with biometric authentication

Simply connect your official Twitter verified handle and accept the autographs terms of use for signing original marks on your Android or iPhone or iPad.   Your device must have the biometric lock of your phone activated. 

  • Authenticity is the #1 attribute of autographs, which is why we created this patented social autograph service for you
  • Invented by for Army Officer and Cyber Expert to protect your rights for owning digital autographs
  • Fans collect new digital memorabilia powered on every iOS and Android device in the world

Establish your price, fans buy on-demand

Set the price of your official, mobile autograph, whether it be for charity or for your fans to collect.

  • Turn your autographs availability on and off when you want
  • Monetize the rights of your digital autographs, how you want
  • Thrill Millennial fans with autographed messages or selfies
  • You have 1-2 weeks to complete your On-Demand Autograph requests 

activate and Broadcast onto your social media

Let your fans know you are ready to receive mobile fanmail and also announce your autographs availability on your social media with a push of a button.   Receive 75% of your autograph sales, paid to you weekly.  

  • Delight fans
  • Raise money for charity
  • Deepen your brand with social autographs across the world 
  • Take part in the social autographs network that will raise $25M for charity by 2020