Founder Drew Bartkiewicz

Drew Bartkiewicz was named by Goldman Sachs as a Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2016 for his uncanny ability to balance purpose with profits, innovation with integrity.   He started lettrs as a highly successful social messaging network that eventually patented the certified digital signature for all classes of mobile communications and media.  Drew has published two books and was described by Karl Ravech of ESPN as "the most contrarian voice in today's disposable messages, to reinvent messages meant to last...and the autograph as we know it."    

The lettrs app has experienced over 2M downloads and already has seen 6 billion data calls on its growing network of new social media that is created 100% from signed, sealed mobile letters.   Drew served with distinction in the Gulf War 1991 with the 82nd Airborne and was a featured subject in the 2015 National Geographic book, "Veteran Voices."    His company lettrs has patented the use of biometrics for certified mobile signatures and in December 2016 signed a deal as the exclusive network of MLB Players mobile and social autographs.   Combining his 10 years in cyber and software-as-a-service Drew has activated what will be a $3B industry for digital memorabilia by 2021.   Three other patents pending remain with lettrs an emerging leader for the future of certifiably signed communications. 


He is a father of three and his wife is from Madrid, Spain, who helped him start the company in 2013.  Drew is proud to note that over 50% of early stage investment was from military veterans and many of them Service Academy graduates.  Drew graduated from West Point in 1989 with Superintendent's Honors and from Yale University with an MBA in 1994.